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Zoe & Alfie Confirm That They Are Dating!



After months of speculation, YouTube Beauty Guru Zoella has finally admitted that she and Alfie are dating. While subscribers have been remarking on how cute the two are for long time now, (especially after their Valentines Special together) even going so far as to dub the pair ‘Zalfie’, it was only last night that Zoe confirmed the relationship publicly on her blog.

Zoe stated that part of the reason why they decided to tell everyone was because of a recent shot in one of Jim Chapman’s videos, which showed a picture of Zalfie on Zoe’s laptop screen. While Jim has since deleted the video and reuploaded it with Zoe’s laptop edited out, some savvy subscriber managed to get a picture of the screen, albeit blurry.





It’s a little scary how much of an impact this relationship has had on YouTube even before it was confirmed (all of Jim’s recent vlogs were filled with Zalfie comments), and I’m sure Zoe and Alfie were equally worried about the impact which YouTube would have on their relationship. While Jim and Tanya and Fleur and Mike have shown how fantastic and fulfilling it can be to have a strong, healthy relationship that you can share with the world, I’m sure the recent break up of Ingrid and Luke played a part in Zoe and Alfie’s reluctance to publicise their private life. Nonetheless, it was probably unrealistic to hope that they would be able to keep it secret forever, given their rising fame and the fact that they appear in so many other people’s videos.


Congratulations to both of them anyway, I personally couldn’t be more delighted! :D