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What Does Jenna Marbles Do For A Living?

19558_313824909927_67719_n(Source: Jenna Mourey Official Facebook Page)

I see this question asked ALL the time on YouTube video comments, (and not just about Jenna, but about almost EVERY successful YouTuber) so I thought I’d attempt to answer it.

Go-Go Dancing and Blogging

In late 2009/early 2010, when Jenna first started making YouTube videos in Boston, she worked at a tanning salon called Smart Tan by day, and as a go-go dancer for BarStool Sports by night. You can see her video of a fire at the tanning salon on one of her earliest channels that not many people know about – jmourey66. There are numerous videos of her in her go-go get up with her fellow dancers, including Kym Ngyuen, who is still one of her best friends to this day!

18638_317491689927_2113085_n Kym and Jenna hard at work! (Source: Jenna Mourey Official Facebook Page)

From mid-2010 onwards, it appears Jenna quit her job at the tanning salon in order to work as a blogger for BarStool Sports during the day. This vlog explains her job there pretty clearly, and she made a lot of videos at the time about her office and her daily errands. The blog she wrote for was called StoolLaLa, which is why on all of her videos up until her recent ‘Dog Finger Painting’, her intro picture included the website address.


Jenna wrote some really great articles on StoolLaLa, however by February 2011 it became clear to both her and her boss – el Prez, that the blog was not gaining enough views to be profitable. Prez posted a blog on Feb 9th about the ‘demise of StoolLaLa’, and in response Jenna posted this video. By April war had ensued between him and Jenna.

Jenna Leaves BarStool Sports With A Bang.

Unfortunately, not all of this exists on the internet any more as the involved parties have deleted it(they’re friends again!), but I’ll give you guys the basic run down from my own memory. In April 2011, Jenna posted on her own blog about how the ‘How to Trick’ video had become famous because of Facebook sharing, not because of BarStool Sports, which is what Prez had been claiming. There was a whole argument in which she included statistics of what date the video went viral and what the demographics of her viewers were, and she basically kicked his ass.

In response, Prez shut down StoolLaLa, pretty much deleting all of the articles Jenna had written over the previous year or so. On April 6th, he wrote a blog post entitled ‘StoolLaLa is Dead To Me’, in which he said Jenna had lost interest in blogging and only cared about her videos and he was not going to keep paying for a blog that wasn’t being used so he was shutting the website down.

As I said, all of this has been deleted now, and this is the only evidence I could find of it! I think it was posted on Jenna’s Twitter because any new StoolLaLa post was probably synced to tweet when it was uploaded.

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 01_Fotor


A week later, Jenna announced her new blog with this video. On April 21st, Jenna flew to Los Angeles in order to begin making YouTubing her full-time job. She admitted to having a manager for the first time and she talks about going to a lot of meetings and collaborating with other YouTubers.

In the summer of 2011, she and her then boyfriend Max moved from Boston to LA, another indicator that Jenna was taking YouTubing seriously. They moved into a huge luxurious townhouse on Montana Avenue, which is in the pricier part of Santa Monica. If you’ve been an avid watcher of her videos for the last two years, you’ll know it’s a pretty nice house and it definitely cost a bundle, which brings us to how Jenna actually makes her money.

How Does Jenna Earn Money??

Jenna’s income probably comes from a number of different sources. When YouTube creators gain a significant number of channel views and subscribers, they can apply to be part of the YouTube partner programme. This essentially means that they earn money for the videos they produce, and they receive a number of perks from YouTube as well, such as camera equipment and other incentives to continue making videos.
Nobody is really sure of the earnings of YouTubers because when you sign up to the partner programme, you agree to keep your income a secret. A lot of people have attempted to guess Jenna’s income, based on Pay Per Click ads and Cost Per Thousand bids. Even BarStool Sports have thrown their opinion in, with their estimate at $4 million dollars per year.

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 03_Fotor

Since Jenna is currently the seventh most subscribed channel on YouTube, it’s certain that she’s making the big bucks. So to answer your question, Jenna’s job is YouTube. She puts up a new video every Wednesday which instantly gains millions of views and thus secures her income. However, it’s not this easy for most YouTubers, who have to work around the clock to constantly and consistently create new content for their subscribers, which is definitely a full-time job.

Jenna has chosen to abstain from the YouTube community for the most part, she rarely takes part in collaborations with other creators, she doesn’t tweet as regularly as she perhaps should, she doesn’t do giveaways or live Q&A sessions or meet-ups. While it can be said that YouTube is Jenna’s full-time job, this does not necessarily mean that she works full-time.

Say Bye Bye (to Jenna) Spiderman!


It seems the picture that gave Jenna Marbles her famous closing catchphrase, ‘Say Bye Spiderman’, isn’t actual hers.

MaxNoSleeves just uploaded a video on his (relatively) new vlog channel: WhateverMaxNoSleeves. It’s entitled ’50 Things About Me’ and it’s pretty good. It was quite refreshing to learn a few genuine things about him, such as the fact that he’s been in love twice in his life, or that his real name is actually Stephen!

One thing that made me super sad though was that the Spiderman portrait that Jenna used to have in her videos was in the background. I was wondering why Jenna had changed her usual shooting location from her bedroom to her dining room, and now it makes a little bit more sense! Perhaps she didn’t want her subscribers to question its disappearance.

Max jenna

There had been a few rumours that they were back together again when she uploaded her ‘Other Ways To Use Your Degree’ video last week, because at 1.55 theres a quick shot of a guy, wearing no sleeves, lifting a kettlebell.

Although you can’t see his head, his build is remarkably similar to Max’s.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 12.58.28

When I saw this, I, like everyone else in the world, got super excited that they might have reconciled. However, the Spiderman portrait in Max’s room seems to suggest that they really are over.


While Jenna has already said here that she will not be attending VidCon this year as it’s the same weekend as her brother’s wedding, Max hasn’t confirmed his attendance yet!

Jenna Marbles and Daily Grace YouTube Feud?


So there’s been a lot of talk on YouTube and Twitter recently about a supposed fight between Youtubers Jenna Marbles and Grace Helbig (Daily Grace). While it seems that the two haven’t been friends for a while, it was only yesterday when Grace uploaded a ‘Draw My Life’ video that the internet exploded into Team Grace or Team Jenna.

If you haven’t seen the videos, watch Jenna’s first and then Grace’s.

Basically all of the uproar is because Jenna talks about how sad and depressed she is, presumably because of her break-up with Max last December and possibly because she doesn’t know that many people in LA. Grace’s video sort of makes fun of the whole ‘Draw My Life’ Tag, but at the end she starts saying ‘If there’s one takeaway from this video it’s that I’m really sad. And I’m depressed and I’m sad.’ Immediately, chaos ensued in the comments.


I think on the whole Grace was probably just making fun of everyone who does the Draw My Life Tag, but because the majority of subscribers probably just watch the most popular YouTubers like Jenna they might not have seen how most peoples DML’s end on a sad note.

However, one thing that struck me as weird is that in Jenna’s video, when she listed the YouTube Community who she met in LA, Grace and Hannah Hart were notably absent. I’ve been wondering about their friendship (or lack thereof) for a while now, because when Jenna and Max broke up, Hannah and Grace were nowhere to be seen.

Also, when Jenna came to Dublin in February, a girl in the audience asked ‘Are you going to do more videos with Hannah Hart?’ and Jenna seemed a bit annoyed and kind of avoided the question by saying  ‘I dunno… Should I?’ It all seems a bit strange given that Hannah and Jenna have obviously been friends for a few years now. Here’s a picture of Jenna in October 2011 wearing a Harto tshirt with the caption ‘Off to see my secret lover @Harto’

In the summer of 2012 they were constantly tweeting pictures of each other here, here and here.

EDIT: Sorry about the bad links there guys, it appears Jenna has deleted all of those photo’s. :/ Very weird….

Here’s a few from Hannah’s instagram, just to demonstrate that they were actually friends at one point!! This is Hannah and Jenna in June 2012:



Here’s a picture of Jenna and Max, taken by Hannah, just before they broke up in November 2012.



Finally, here’s Grace, Hannah and Jenna in June 2012:


In September, Hannah, Grace and Jenna shot a video together for My Drunk Kitchen. Watch it here:

Then in November 2012, Grace moved to LA. At first they all hung out together a lot, and on November 17th they had a big sleepover in Hannahs house which involved a lottt of alcohol. They called it #HannahCon2012 (a play on VidCon I think) and they tweeted and instagrammed a lot.


Howwwever. Three weeks later Jenna and Max broke up and since then there has been no mention of the other two girls by Jenna or vice versa! Recently they all went to Playlist Live, and according to Tyler Oakley all the LA YouTubers flew to Florida together and while there was a constant stream of pictures of Grace and Hannah having fun, there was no sign of Jenna in their shots.

Sooo in conclusion, I have no idea what Grace’s new video means. I don’t know whether she was intentionally making fun of Jenna, but in the context of the last few months it does seem possible. What do you guys think? Are Grace and Jenna really fighting?? Has Max got anything to do with it? Did Hannah or Grace have anything to do with Max and Jenna’s break up?