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Jenna Marbles and Daily Grace YouTube Feud?


So there’s been a lot of talk on YouTube and Twitter recently about a supposed fight between Youtubers Jenna Marbles and Grace Helbig (Daily Grace). While it seems that the two haven’t been friends for a while, it was only yesterday when Grace uploaded a ‘Draw My Life’ video that the internet exploded into Team Grace or Team Jenna.

If you haven’t seen the videos, watch Jenna’s first and then Grace’s.

Basically all of the uproar is because Jenna talks about how sad and depressed she is, presumably because of her break-up with Max last December and possibly because she doesn’t know that many people in LA. Grace’s video sort of makes fun of the whole ‘Draw My Life’ Tag, but at the end she starts saying ‘If there’s one takeaway from this video it’s that I’m really sad. And I’m depressed and I’m sad.’ Immediately, chaos ensued in the comments.


I think on the whole Grace was probably just making fun of everyone who does the Draw My Life Tag, but because the majority of subscribers probably just watch the most popular YouTubers like Jenna they might not have seen how most peoples DML’s end on a sad note.

However, one thing that struck me as weird is that in Jenna’s video, when she listed the YouTube Community who she met in LA, Grace and Hannah Hart were notably absent. I’ve been wondering about their friendship (or lack thereof) for a while now, because when Jenna and Max broke up, Hannah and Grace were nowhere to be seen.

Also, when Jenna came to Dublin in February, a girl in the audience asked ‘Are you going to do more videos with Hannah Hart?’ and Jenna seemed a bit annoyed and kind of avoided the question by saying  ‘I dunno… Should I?’ It all seems a bit strange given that Hannah and Jenna have obviously been friends for a few years now. Here’s a picture of Jenna in October 2011 wearing a Harto tshirt with the caption ‘Off to see my secret lover @Harto’

In the summer of 2012 they were constantly tweeting pictures of each other here, here and here.

EDIT: Sorry about the bad links there guys, it appears Jenna has deleted all of those photo’s. :/ Very weird….

Here’s a few from Hannah’s instagram, just to demonstrate that they were actually friends at one point!! This is Hannah and Jenna in June 2012:



Here’s a picture of Jenna and Max, taken by Hannah, just before they broke up in November 2012.



Finally, here’s Grace, Hannah and Jenna in June 2012:


In September, Hannah, Grace and Jenna shot a video together for My Drunk Kitchen. Watch it here:

Then in November 2012, Grace moved to LA. At first they all hung out together a lot, and on November 17th they had a big sleepover in Hannahs house which involved a lottt of alcohol. They called it #HannahCon2012 (a play on VidCon I think) and they tweeted and instagrammed a lot.


Howwwever. Three weeks later Jenna and Max broke up and since then there has been no mention of the other two girls by Jenna or vice versa! Recently they all went to Playlist Live, and according to Tyler Oakley all the LA YouTubers flew to Florida together and while there was a constant stream of pictures of Grace and Hannah having fun, there was no sign of Jenna in their shots.

Sooo in conclusion, I have no idea what Grace’s new video means. I don’t know whether she was intentionally making fun of Jenna, but in the context of the last few months it does seem possible. What do you guys think? Are Grace and Jenna really fighting?? Has Max got anything to do with it? Did Hannah or Grace have anything to do with Max and Jenna’s break up?